The propeller is one of the most important components on the entire vessel. It ensures cruise vessels, container carriers and bulk carriers to sail across the world’s oceans and reach their destinations safely.


The growth of barnacles, algae and other organic organisms reduces the vessel`s speed and also has a negative impact on the smoothness of the propeller. At the same time, the operating costs increase due to higher fuel consumption and cleaning costs to restore the propeller to its original state.

The use of our environmentally friendly Dynamic Biofilm Protection technology prevents marine growth, so the vessel’s Opex will be reduced.


We are happy about two other shipping companies, which have become our customers and who have decided to use our technology.

With 3 bulk carriers and 3 chemical tankers, the propellers are now protected from the scenario described above by the Dynamic Biofilm Protection. This not only pleases the owners, but also the environment, true to our motto: Into a green future.