Today we want to show how effective our Dynamic Biofilm Protection Technology works. The pictures above show the results after 8 months at sea and were taken during a underwater survey.

In a Bulk Carrier, which runs under Thai flag, a total of 6 sounders were installed in the area of ​​the forward stern tube sealing. There they prevent very effective and demonstrably the growth of mussels, barnacles, algae and similar marine life forms. The transducers were installed in a clockwise direction around the forward stern tube sealing to optimize the range of activity.

The white color, which can be seen on the picture, it is a primer coating. This protects the assembly area against rust and thus prevents a fall of the ultrasound sounders. This ensures long-lasting and optimal effect, as well as a consistently high efficiency. Following the covid-19 travel restrictions for the last 15 months, we adjusted the installation process. Now the customers are able to conduct the installation by themselves as it has be done on this vessel.


By investing in our DBP technology, the shipping company was able to lower its Opex. Because a clean propeller is more efficient, requires less fuel and thus contributes to a better CO2 balance.

Together we started into a green future