Today on June 08th the World Day of the Oceans will be committed.

This has its origin on the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil.

Since 2009 it has been committed by the United Nations and has been attentively to problems, dangers and current challenges in the context of the oceans since 2009.

With our Dynamic Biofilm Protection technology, we make an important contribution to protecting our oceans and counteract climate change. Through the use of DBP in global shipping, the use of heavy metal-containing copper anodes and anti-fouling paints becomes obsolete. The water is thus no longer contaminated and prevented a negative impact on the sea and its inhabitants. By preventing maritime vegetation on the vessel`s hull, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced. At the same time, the spread of invasive species is prevented.

Approximately 71% percent of the earth’s surface are covered by waters, the oceans make the largest share. That the oceans has a huge influence on the world climate, the survival of all species and the nutrition of humanity is more than proven. That’s why the oceans are particularly worthy of protection and at the same time endangered.


The protection of the seas are all about, whether companies, governments or individuals, all are co-responsible.

We from Hasytec are aware of the responsibility, so we act true to our motto: Into a green future!