Shipping applications

The Ultrasound Antifouling Technology “Dynamic Biofilm Protection Intelligent®” prevents marine growth and biofouling on all liquid carrying surfaces. Systems and coatings which release biocides and/or heavy metals into the oceans are not contemporary anymore and can be fully replaced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. This improves the environment rating of the vessel, reduces the maintenance on board, increases operational and reduces operational expenses. As DBPI® at the same time prevents biocorrosion the lifetime of the protected applications on board will be extended.

Propeller | Pod Drives

DBPI® prevents reliable and continuously marine growth and biofouling on all propulsion propellers. The use leads to constant propulsion parameters and provides a positive impact on propellers smooth running. According to general opinion bio fouled propellers leading to 1 – 3,5% increase in fuel consumption. The use of DBPI® safes this increase in fuel and at the same time safes the cost for underwater propeller cleanings. Available for shaft propellers as well as for pod drives.

Bow Thruster | Stern Thruster

DBPI® prevents reliable and continuously marine growth and biofouling on bow thrusters and stern thrusters. Herewith the operational safety is increased.

Seawater Cooling System

DBPI® prevents marine growth and biofouling on seawater cooling systems. Sea chests, filter housings, strainers, crossover pipes, distributions pipes, plate heat exchangers (high temperature and low temperature) as well as box coolers (high temperature and low temperature) can be protected according to single issues or as a whole system in a reliable and continuously way against marine growth and biofouling. The previous used systems which are mainly based on the working principle of copper anodes can be fully replaced by DBPI®.

Freshwater Generator

DBPI® prevents marine growth and biofouling on all available types. At the same time salt and limestone deposits are prevented. Acid or even physical cleaning is not required any longer. This increases continuously and reliable the operational safety of the freshwater generator. On plate type based freshwater generators the use of DBPI® reduces on top of that the spare part costs for damaged sealings or plates due to frequently required cleanings.