HASYTEC Electronics AG nominated for the German Environmental Award 2024: Recognition for outstanding environmental innovation.

HASYTEC Electronics AG, a leading company in the Green Tech sector, is pleased to announce its nomination for the prestigious German Environmental Award 2024. This nomination recognizes the outstanding contributions of HASYTEC to environmental innovation and sustainable development in marine protection.

The nomination for the German Environmental Award is a significant acknowledgment of HASYTEC’s dedication and excellence in the field of environmental technologies. The company has earned a reputation for innovative solutions that help minimize environmental impacts.

In recent years, HASYTEC has developed a technology that prevents the release of chlorine and heavy metals into seas and water bodies. Soon, the first FSRU equipped with HASYTEC technology will be commissioned, avoiding the discharge of 32 tons of chlorine per year into the German Wadden Sea. With already 800 equipped ships and around 500 fitted propellers, the sound emitters also contribute to an annual reduction of approximately 330,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

HASYTEC’s primary focus is on the environment, particularly the seas. The German Environmental Award is the most significant accolade in Europe, accompanied by a prize of €500,000. The patron is the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), which has been awarding the prize since 1993. Individuals are honored for their concepts, methods, or contributions to environmental protection, bringing about changes through their efforts. HASYTEC has once again attracted the attention of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation). As an eligible voting member, the VDMA has nominated Jessica Schmiede, co-founder and board member of HASYTEC, for her merits in this regard.

Jessica Schmiede expressed her joy about the nomination: “We are deeply honored to be nominated for the German Environmental Award 2024. This recognition reflects our team’s commitment to environmental innovations and sustainable solutions. At HASYTEC, we firmly believe that protecting our seas is a shared responsibility, and we will continue to contribute to shaping a more sustainable future.”

The award ceremony for the German Environmental Award 2024 will take place this year in Mainz. HASYTEC eagerly anticipates the event and looks forward to sharing the results with the community.